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Experiencing a disaster that damages your home, business, or property is emotionally and financially draining. To protect against an event such as this, you will likely have homeowners or property insurance. Your insurance is there to help cover some of the damages caused by the unfortunate event.

Filing an insurance claim for property damage to your business or home can be a frustrating and long process. Hiring a qualified attorney from a reliable law firm can make it easier for you to endure this process and collect the compensations you are owed for losses.

Due to the many complexities of this process, as well as the possibility of insurance companies either attempting to deny coverage or underpaying a claim, it helps to understand property loss/damage claims and get some guidance on what you can do to regain what you have lost.

Fully Understanding Property Damage Insurance

It’s estimated that approximately 80% of Americans have homeowners' insurance coverage.

While policies and coverage may vary, homeowners' insurance plans are more than likely to respond to cases that involve:

  • Damage to the home itself, the roof, or the garage
  • Loss of personal property as a result of damage or theft
  • Extra living expenses, if for example, the damage undertaken makes your home unfit to live in

Homeowner's insurance can also possibly cover injuries or property damage to others due to personal negligence, accidents that have taken place around the home, and damages to personal property in storage.

What Type Of Property Damage Is Not Covered By My Insurance?

While homeowners' insurance is put in place to cover different emergencies, there are exceptions. An example would be earthquake and flood damage which are not covered in most home insurance policies.

You’ll need to get a separate policy or pay for additional coverage if you live in a flood or earthquake-prone area. It's also good to note that damage from termites or other pests is sometimes rejected by property insurance policies.

Different Types of Property Damage That Is Covered by Your Insurance:

  • Water Or Freezing Damage
  • Damage From Mold
  • Damage Caused By Wind And Hail
  • Damage Caused By Fire And Smoke
  • Burglary, Theft, Or Vandalism

Depending on your policy, property that may be covered includes:

  • Computers
  • Office Equipment
  • Tools
  • Furniture
  • Personal Belongings

How To Prepare for Filing a Property Damage Claim

Filing an insurance claim is a lot easier if you make a list of your belongings. After an event like a fire or natural disaster, it can be difficult to remember all of your possessions. This can also help you settle faster, verify your losses, and assist your attorney in assessing the damages or losses following the pursual of legal recourse.

Do I Need an Attorney to Assist With a Property Damage Claim?

If you have filed a property damage or loss claim with your insurance company, but are grappling with the process, you may want to consider hiring an attorney. This is especially true if your insurance company is disputing your claim.

An attorney can help you handle the dispute to make sure you receive suitable compensation for the damage to the property.

Take a look at a few of the more common disputes from insurance companies:

Issues With Coverage

Your insurance might dispute your claim regarding coverage. This can involve disputing the whole claim, for example, you may have water damage that was caused by a broken pipe, but the insurance company may contend that it was the result of a flood (which is not covered unless you have flood insurance).

Disputes Regarding Damages

It’s not uncommon for you and your insurance to disagree on damages. Evaluating damages of any kind is a complex process, and there can also be questions of whether the property can even be fixed.

How An Attorney Can Assist With Your Property Damage Case

If you hire an attorney from Khachikyan Law Firm, APC, we can help you with:

Keeping The Process Moving Along

Filing an insurance claim can be a prolonged process. It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to delay the process until you are so aggravated that you will accept a settlement that’s far lower than the damages you sustained.

An attorney from Khachikyan Law Firm, APC can help speed up this process by applying countermeasures or other strategies that can push your insurance company into action. A simple threat of litigation is usually sufficient. 

Assessment Of Damage

Even if you have filed a claim already, a complete damage assessment can allow you to determine how much your case is actually worth. If you have yet to file a claim, your appointed attorney can assist you in understanding your legal choices for seeking the maximum amount of compensation. Having an attorney by your side can put your mind at rest while we determine the precise details.

Appealing A Denial

If you believe you have been denied for an unjust reason, your lawyer can step in and make sure there was not any wrongdoing in regard to the denial. If there was in fact wrongdoing that took place, your lawyer may appeal the denial, or threaten them with a lawsuit if your claim was denied wrongfully.

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