At Khachikyan Law Firm, APC we are vividly aware of how working on a construction site can be an incredibly dangerous profession. From the sheer weight and hazardous nature of the materials that they have to work with to the behaviors of other individuals that are working on the job site to the manner in which employers manage the entire operation, disasters can occur virtually at any given moment. When they do, the outcomes can be dreadful.

If someone you’re close with or you yourself have recently suffered from an injury that occurred upon a job site, an experienced attorney from our firm specializing in construction accident law can assist you in pursuing compensation.

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We will fully and thoroughly represent anyone who has suffered an injury on a job site without any upfront cost to you. You will not pay a thing until we succeed in obtaining your due compensation for your claim.

How Will An Attorney From Khachikyan Law Firm, APC Be Able To Help Me Win My Case? 

At Khachikyan Law Firm, APC we are highly experienced in knowing precisely how best to assist victims of construction accidents. Our firm has helped a considerable number of clients in this category of law to recover damages owed to them. Our attorneys possess a high level of knowledge to adequately and effectively manage claims against large companies, owners of land and property, manufacturers of construction equipment, as well as any other liable parties involved in the construction business. From the beginning until the very end, we will patiently guide you throughout the lengthy and complex legal processes ahead while defending your rights as a victim of an injustice. We will never allow any employer or insurance company to ever have any opportunity to take advantage of you or deter you from claiming what is yours. 

Compensation From A Construction Site Accident

Legal Claims regarding construction-related accidents and injuries are different from others due to the fact that these types of misfortunes often transpire during work while the victim is at the job site. California's state laws for workers’ compensation state that an employee that has been injured while at work could expect to receive monetary coverage through one or more various ways. Cases like this where an individual has been injured on a construction site should always be handled by an experienced personal injury attorney. For the majority of construction businesses, financial prosperity is a result that can stem from several different variables working with each other. A few of those variables, including the equipment issued to workers on the job site or at times additional subcontractors operating within the same designated work area, are the responsibility of external entities. If one of these variables is the reason behind a construction worker's injury while working, we will pursue further action against said parties responsible. You will always be able to count on us to serve you to the fullest extent.

If your case includes a falling accident, injury from a falling piece of material from the construction site or any sort of construction-related injury, our committed and knowledgeable attorneys specializing in construction accident law will aid you through the process of pursuing adequate compensation. If you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of another individual other than your employer or a co-worker, you also have a right to file a third-party liability suit against said individual.

What Are Some Common Conditions That May Cause An Injury To Take Place On A Construction Site?

The construction industry is notorious for being far more dangerous than most other occupations in Southern California and Los Angeles. To construct an entire building demands massive and complex equipment, dangerous tools, volatile exposure to electricity, and performing tasks at extremely high vertical heights. These factors undoubtedly can become fatal and hazardous by even the slightest measure of oversight or negligent management of the construction site. A single wrong move or failed safety regulation can lead to disaster and in many cases severe injury or death. A few things that can incite these tragic occurrences are:

  • Failure to meet regulations set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Absence of adequate safety equipment and etiquette
  • Neglectful or poorly carried out training
  • Absence of protection against falls on the job site
  • Vulnerability to dangerous materials or chemicals
  • Negligent coworkers or contractors or by workers with criminal backgrounds

Accidents from a motor vehicle, falls, electric shock, being stricken by a dangerous object, and being stuck in or between heavy objects or machinery are among the most customary causes of fatality on a construction site. Whether you were employed to work on the job site or simply a bystander passing through the area, you may be able to receive considerable compensation following an accident on a construction site.

Who Will Be Held Liable For The Injuries I Have Sustained While On A Construction Site

The term Liability in legal terms applies to a person or party's legal and financial accountability for an accident. In the state of California, the individual that will be responsible for a victim's damages will be the person designated to be most at fault for the cause of the plaintiff's injuries. You will most likely require aid from a dedicated construction accident attorney to show to the court the opposing party’s liability for the injuries you endured from a construction accident.

  • Construction company. If you or someone you're close to has undergone a serious injury while at work, the company in question is likely liable for covering your losses. Wait before you accept workers’ compensation from your employers, first, you should review any and all potential advantages you may have in a lawsuit against your employers for their neglectful management of the job site.
  • Owner of the property.  Entities or parties that claim ownership of the property can be held liable if a faulty or hazardous property aspect was the reason behind your injuries. A collapse within the structure or building, for instance, could designate the owner as the liable party if said individual should have been aware of the damage to the foundation.

A company within the construction industry will be held liable for the majority of accidents that injure its employees or nearby pedestrians. Companies working within the construction business may perpetrate negligent behaviors that in turn lead to accidents, such as violating regulations put in place by the state or failure to suitably train their workers. Companies will also be vicariously liable for the actions of on-duty employees.

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